Duiker Mechanical has a modern computer-controlled machinery, a production hall of 6000m² . Together with our long experience and skilled staff , we are able to manipulate complex products as efficiently as possible .
The machinery of Duiker Mechanical e.g. is very diverse. We perform various machining operations : Turning, milling, boring , honing , grinding and welding. Varying from a few millimeters to around 1200 mm .
As well as single pieces (large ) series are possible . In a wide range of materials, such as aluminum , stainless steel, cast iron , cast steel , Inconel , Duplex etc.


  • CNC turning with or without bar feeder / or driven tools
  • CNC horizontal milling machines with two or more pallets
  • FMS systeem with 26 pallets
  • CNC 5-axis milling machine
  • CNC boring machines
  • CNC carousel
  • Conventional turning, milling and drilling machines
  • Honing machines
  • Grinders

We have access to expertise and competence in the rest of the chain. Allowing us to provide a wide variety of post- treatments and products such ( heat treatments , anodizing , chemical and galvanic treatments, chromate ) . We also have a wide network of material suppliers.

For further details please see our machinepark document


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