5 axis milling

Are you looking for 5 axis milling for high-quality and comples modifications? At Duiker Mechanical, we can definitely help you. With our extensive engine compound, we can do the 5 axis milling job for you. You are guaranteed to get high-quality service.

About Duiker Mechanical

With almost a century of experience, we are a true specialist in the area of producing qualitative components and composed parts, for high-quality industries. In our production hall of 6000 m2, we do multiple kinds of modifications, among which turning, broaching, honing and 5 axis milling. The material options are very extensive; we work with stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, inconel and duplex. 

Fast and reliable

5 axis milling is famous for its reliability, and because it is so 'fast'. With this technique, even the most complex metalworking jobs can be done. The 5 axis milling can also be used to mill products quickly, at 5 sides simultaneously.

Why 5 axis milling at Duiker Mechanical:

  • High quality
  • Almost a century of experience
  • Fast and reliable service

More information

If you want to know more about the benefits of 5 axis milling? Please contact us via the contact for on our web site, or per e-mail: info@duikerme.nl. We like to hear from you.