Broaching for the best result

Does your product need some broaching? With broaching, Duiker Mechanical makes holes and cylinders perfectly round again. Broaching is a special technique during which the tools turn in or around the part. Because we work with a chisel, this creates a hole with a, like said, perfectly round shape of high accuracy.

This is Duiker Mechanical

Duiker Mechanical is specialist in sheet metal working. For milling, honing and broaching, you have to be with us. Based on almost a century of experience, we know how to guarantee good quality. With our ISO-9001: 2008 certificate, we deliver high-quality products to companies in the petrochemical industry, the aircraft industry, the shipbuilding industry and mechanical engeneering industry. We are also happy to serve you, too.

High accuracy

Through broaching, we can be extremely precise. This can be used to create new products, but also for the repairment of older products. With our broaching machine, we can broach products with a clamping up to 1600x1400x1500 (LxWxH), and a transfer of 2000x1500x1450 (XxYxZ). Choose experience and quality, choose Duiker Mechanical:

  • ISO-9001: 2008
  • Almost 100 years of experience
  • Modern broaching machine

More information?

If you want more information about the possibilities of broaching? Contact one of our employees, they will be happy to serve you. Fill out the contact for on our web site of send an e-mail to