For all your turning and milling

Do you need someone for your turning and milling? Then you have to be with Duiker Mechanical. We will take care of all the turning and milling you need. Our employees are experienced, and possess expertise knowledge.

About us 

Forr the past almost 100 years, Duiker Mechanical has taken care of turning nad milling for high grade industries such as petrochemical industry, the aircraft industry, the shipbuilding industry and mechanical engeneering industry. We have extensive machinery that is being controlled by experienced specialists. We have the ISO-9001: 2008, and those are the reasons why.

Always a custom fit

We like no other know how important a custom fit is with turning and milling. We turn and mill a large number of materials in various thicknesses; from a few millimeters up to 1200mm. Post-processing modifications too are possible with us, such as heat treatments, anodizing and chemical treatments. Choose top quality turning and milling, choose Duiker Mechanical:

  • Large variety of materials and modifications
  • High quality
  • Almost 100 years of experience


Your turning and milling, done by us? Please contact us for more information about the possibilities. Fill out the contact form on our web site or send an e-mail to